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September Into October! SWRFA Conference, October gigs & radio  Podcast

Hi friends,

Well I surely didn't lie when I said September would be busy, and challenging for me!  Sorry it's been a while - here's what's coming up. Check the "Shows" listing for details, including exact locations, times, tickets, etc.

Sept. 28 through Sunday October 1, I'll be attending the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference, affectionately known as SWRFA, conveniently located here in Austin! On Friday Sept 29, I'll be doing a few afternoon and later evening private showcases, and one on Saturday night. Both nights will feature fantastic shows by extremely talented singer-songwriters, and the public is welcome - $15 admission gets you the big official showcase shows, plus a wristband to see the private showcases in hotel suites upstairs. Check the "Shows" listing for details! 

Sunday October 8 I'm up in Dallas at the Prophet Bar, sharing the bill with a  talented new acquaintance from Portland, OR, Danny Sohn, and my Songfarmer pal B.R. Lively. B.R. has a fantastic new album coming out, produced by Gordy Quist (who also produced my CD), so check out his website for a sneak peek. Your mind will be blown! I'm excited about this gig, and my first time playing in Dallas - please come out if you're around. A mere $10

Thursday October 12 I'll be on Wimberley Valley Radio, KWVH 94.1 FM, online streaming at for a morning interview and live playing on Richard Smith's "Breakfast With Coach" program. Coach Smith is a beloved member of Wimberley community that I call home - as well known for his love of music as he is for coaching two State Championship football teams (he used to give pre-game locker room pep talks to the marching band as well as the football team!)  I'm looking forward to catching up and playing a few new songs. Check the "Shows" listing for details! 

Sunday October 15 I'm returning to a favorite listening room, The Lemon Lounge in Austin, for a song swap with the ridiculously talented Tom Meny, one of my favorite songwriters in the entire state of Texas, or the entire U.S., for that matter. Tom's beautiful melodies, smooth as silk vocals, and thoughtful lyrics are like a balm to your soul. If you're in Austin, please come! The very, very talented young newcomer Susannah Joffe is opening up, and she is a revelation. 6pm doors, 6:30 music. $6  That's a lot of 6's, but the music will be heavenly, I promise! (come early for a chair, seating is limited!)

Tuesday October 24 brings a relaxing Hill Country gig at the Shade Tree Saloon in Spring Branch, where I'll be joined by the amazing Scott Davis. Scott plays bass with the Band of Heathens, and is also a talented multi-instrumentalist (he plays many of the instruments on my CD Step By Step) with his own band, VivaScottDavis. We'll be playing original songs and some of our shared favorites from the Great Americana Songbook (yes, there is sure to be some Graham Parsons in there!). Come on out from 6-9 or thereabouts. It's a relaxing indoor/outdoor venue with comfort food, home-brewed beer and of course, lots and lots of big shade trees. I'm a lucky gal indeed!

More soon and much love and gratitude,

Claudia <3


  1. Step By Step

Cure for the End of Summer Blues 

June is my favorite time of year - it hearkens back to when I was a kid, I guess - the whole summer seemed to stretch before me, with an infinite supply of long days, warm nights, celebrations, cookouts, campouts, parties and relaxing. All was possible in June, and it still feels that way.

As a musician who still (at this point) has a day job, I am lucky in that working in education allows me that treasured summer off, and a big chunk of time to pursue music.  

This summer, I started from literally my first week off in June, with the Kerrville Folk Festival, which was a wonderful few days of total music immersion – playing, listening and jamming. I continued with area gigs that month at the Shade Tree and the Lemon Lounge, and then spent most of July traveling for music – first to beautiful Bowen Island off the coast of Vancouver, BC for a very special songwriting retreat with publishing/music promo guru Judy Stakee – and then to Victoria, BC, Seattle, and down the coast to gigs in Portland and the Bay Area, and a visit to Newport, Oregon to meet Ernie Hopseker of Ocean Beach Radio. A quick couple days back, and I finished out the month with a pair of gigs in Terlingua Ghost Town, near Big Bend with my Austin songwriter pal Terry Klein. August 1st brought a radio interview and in studio performance at Wimberley Valley Radio with one of my favorite people, cellist and now DJ Dirje Childs, who is an exceptional artist.  I am grateful for each one of these experiences, many of which involved meeting new friends, reconnecting with very special people, and getting to share my music with a wider audience.

So now in my last week of summer vacation, I’m working hard to avoid those dreaded end-of-summer blues, by building on all I learned and received this summer. I’m booking new gigs, starting songwriting collaborations, picking up a new instrument (the bass, since I have one hanging around!), and generally just moving forward. 

I’ll also be posting some new songs – including one from Bowen Island that I am really excited about! – and finally getting up to speed with videos of me and my music. I think that working a day job makes each moment that I can spend on my music that more precious. And I’m lucky in that I do like my work at a high school in Austin – teenagers are exhausting at times, but also a lot of fun. It was truly heartening yesterday, when I stopped in for a couple hours at my school during a freshman orientation, to have a senior greet me and ask about what I’d been up to with music over the summer! I think a student songwriting group may be in order this year….

Please feel free to write and respond to what I post here. Songwriters hate to create in a vacuum. I know from my gigs that songs can and do touch people. So let me know if that's ever the case for you!

Radio Interview on August 1st 3-4p 

Hey all - 

Back from Terlingua, where I had two hot gigs with my friend Terry Klein - a fabulous Austin songwriter that you should check out at - in the desert at the Starlight Theatre and the High Sierra Bar. We met some great folks and had a blast - even went hiking up in the Chisos where the temps were a balmy 88 degrees.

Exciting news: This Tuesday at 3PM I'll be spending an hour on radio with one of my favorite humans, cellist extraordinaire Dirje Childs, who is the host of 's "On River Time" show. We will be talking about roots, influences and events in my life, and the role they have played in my music and my personal life. We'll be playing a couple songs live, and then you'll hear a couple off my CD, Step By Step. 

Please tune in online at or locally at Wimberley Valley Radio, KWVH 94.1 FM!

Summertime fun - Kerrville, Austin, West Texas and PNW 

Catching my breath after a busy couple months. Summer means music time for me - here's what I've been up to, and what's coming up:


I spent my first ever Kerrville Folk Festival weekend playing my songs and listening to music by incredible songwriters - some new to me, and some old favorites.

I was honored to be welcomed into Camp Bayou Love by my friend, Austin singer-songwriter Dave Wilcoxon (Zombie Armadillo), who introduced me to some wonderful late-night-into-dawn song circles. I played some songs at the Ballad Tree in the hot Texas sun. I was honored to hear songs played by gifted songwriters and musicians like Laurie McClain, Eric Church, Dirje Childs, Frank Meyer, Melissa Greener, Karen Mal, Buddy Mondlock and the incomparable Verlon Thompson. I slept little, and walked a lot. All in all, a memorable and inspirational 3-1/2 days! 


Have a June 23 gig upcoming at the Lemon Lounge, which will be a trio with bassist Morgan Thompson and multi-instrumentalist Richard Parke. Scott Martin, a phenomenal guitarist, singer and songwriter, is opening. Please come out and listen at this beautiful listening room! Details in Gigs section.


I've lined up a gig at the legendary Starlight Theatre in Terlingua, near Big Bend country, for July 29. May also be adding a date or two in El Paso for this trip. Stay tuned!


I'm venturing out to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in July - first to a songwriting workshop on a tiny island off Vancouver, then to a family member's birthday gathering on Vancouver Island. After that, I'll travel down the coast for my first ever West Coast gig, in Portland on July 21, with two Portland-based songwriters, Michael Henchman and Kelly Brightwell. I may road trip down to the SF Bay area to visit friends and play a little - more on that soon! 

SXSW week in Austin... 

Check out my Shows link for info on where I'll be SXSW week in and about Austin - so far there is the wonderful #SXStilesSwitch show on Friday 3/17 at 5PM at Stiles Switch BBQ, and then a set on Thursday 3/16 7PM at Joanna Howerton and Michael Cross's new Songwriter Night at Stinson's Unversity Park. Details in the Shows listings. I'll also be adding a couple shows the weekend of Sat/Sunday 3/11-12; stay tuned and hope to see you out there!

Netherlands airplay 

It's  sweet when a radio DJ gives you a heads up about playing your music on their program. It's even niftier when the DJ is a) Dutch and b)  just about to start his show in CST! This happened a couple days ago when Berrie Koetsier of RTV IJsselmond 104.1FM played "Cleveland Ohio" on his Songriver program.
Click for an online link to the archived Songriver program.  My song is on second to last, just before the wonderful Ryan Bingham.

On Pandora Soon! 

I just heard from Pandora that Step By Step has been approved, and will be in their programming shortly!

This is great for getting the music out to more people. I'll keep y'all updated on when it goes live.