CD Release Show!

Well we all had a whale of a time last night at Strange Brew for my CD Release show - thank you to everyone who came out to support live music, who bought CDs and who just made it a really special evening! And thanks as well to everyone who tuned in via to see/hear the webcast - I am so glad I was able to share this very special show with my friends all over the country. Those of you who tipped and will be receiving rewards - huge thanks! I will be sending you emails shortly for mailing addresses. All of the love and support truly means a lot. I had the World's Best Band last night: my producer Gordy Quist, Scott Davis, Trevor Nealon, Richard Millsap and Morgan Thompson and my daughter Emma Gibson. They made my songs sound truly special. I'm feeling very lucky today!

P.S. My album Step By Step is now live on and iTunes - click on the links to go there! There are previews of each track on those sites.
Thanks again - you all are the best!

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