Airplay in Europe! Fantastique! Fenomenaal!

Well here's some welcome news - Step By Step is getting airplay from a few stations in France and the Netherlands! I am so grateful to these stations for playing my music. I love that different songs are being played on each program - it's wonderful to know these DJs take the time to listen to the album, and that one particular song spoke to each one of them.

Buckets of Texas-sized thanks go out to:

Mike Penard, American Roots Music, ISA Radio, Lhuis, France (he wrote me the most wonderful note! Merci, Mike! See you at SXSW!)
Marten van der Laan,Country Stew/Radio Compagnie, Sappemeer, The Netherlands
Thomas Kaldijk,Roots Radioprogram Blueprint, RTV1, The Netherlands
Berrie Koetsier  RTV IJsselmond 104.1 FM Kampen, The Netherlands

If you're feeling adventurous and bilingual, check out their online links!
Oh, and since I don't have any real photos to share of these folks or their towns, I'll just share some representative photos of the countries. Damn, that cheese looks good!

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