Thank you Woody Guthrie!

So funny how things can change in a day... 

I came back from Kerrville Folk Festival this year on a Sunday afternoon, grateful for the wonderful music and companionship once again, but wondering if my songs would ever receive much of a wider audience. Not self-pity, just wondering. And determined to continue with my songwriting and newfound marketing plan for my music.

Monday started early with a morning radio show on Wimberley Valley Radio's "Over Easy With Coach" - a wonderful program with "Coach" Richard Smith that I've been privileged to be on some three times now - and I came home feeling happy and inspired. I then checked my email, and was struck speechless by an email telling me:

  • I'd won 1st place in the Wood Guthrie Songwriting Competition for my song "Dreamers"
  • I was invited to play a 20 set on the main stage at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival on July 14 in Okemah, OK

Crazy, right? 

So now I'm going to Oklahoma in July! To play on a major festival stage! I can hardly process it.

I met with my producer Gordy Quist and we scheduled a quick recording session for later this month, to record "Dreamers" and two other new songs. Gordy recently acquired the late George Reiff's former recording studio and is doing wonderful stuff there. I played my new songs for him, and he was totally on board with my vision for them, and had some wonderful ideas. So we'll record, get them mastered, up online and downloadable, and I'll be heading to Oklahoma as a new artist - something I couldn't hope to envision until this week.

More about "Dreamers" and what inspired it, soon! Suffice to say, it is a subject near and dear to my heart, and I think it was chosen for a bigger reason than I may know right now.

Thank you Woody Fest! I can't wait!

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