Excitement! Songwriter Serenade, Kerrville New Folk, & more...

If you check out my Shows listing, you'll see some really exciting news from me...

1) I've been chosen as a semi-finalist in the prestigious Songwriter Serenade songwriting competition in Moravia, TX May 4. I've entered this a few times before, but never been chosen as a semi-finalist. I was surprised and thrilled to be chosen. I can't wait to spend the weekend with old friends like Scott Martin and songwriters I've heard and admired from afar, but will get to hear and hang out with close up. Plus our mentor is one of my songwriting heroes, Sam Baker, and the judges are Walt Wilkins, Susan Gibson and Mary Bragg. The legendary Ken Gaines is the MC. For me, the contest part of this is secondary to the real experience - getting to know each other, song circles, songwriting workshop on Sunday and just hanging out with fellow song creators, including at the Saturday night judges' show at the Bugle Boy in Lagrange. If you want to experience the competition and hanging out part, then get some tickets to Saturday's proceedings in Moravia at www.songwriterserenade.com - you'll also see the full list of performers there. I'm still pinching myself over this! 

2) I am a Kerrville 2019 New Folk Finalist! This has been, up-til-now, an unobtainable Holy Grail of songwriting contests for me. After several years of applying, I get to join the ranks of the esteemed KFF competition. I'll be playing my two songs on Sunday, May 26 in the 1pm set, along with several phenomenal songwriters, some of whom I know, and some of who I have admired from afar.  I can't even process this yet. Just practicing, practicing, practicing to do my best! Come out to Kerrville if you can, it is an amazing experience. The evening concert the day I am playing features Ellis Paul, Bill Staines, Eliza Gilkyson, Gretchen Peters & Mary Gauthier and Richard Thompson! Read about the whole thing at www.kerrvillefolkfestival.org - if you've never been to Kerrville Folk Festival, you must experience it!

I'll be writing more about all of this - it will undoubtedly be wonderful, scary, and a huge learning experience. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of both events, truly!


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